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We have a variety of Camping Gear & Camping Equipment

Olympic Camping gear strives to supply you with quality, name brand camping equipment at discount prices.  From family gatherings at drive-up camp spots to solo treks up distant mountains, we feature the equipment to help make your adventures possible.

From sturdy, outdoor furniture for picnics and camping to the backpacks and lightweight portable gear needed for backpacking, we have cookware, sleeping bags, tents and other equipment targeted for your needs.


We have many GREAT BUYS  for all your camping needs.   

Have Fun Shopping, and find yourself a new tent, sleeping bag, mattress, knife, flashlight, Lantern, battery, cooler, tool, and more...

Most Products usually ship the same day

                                                                       Lets Go Camping!


Our quality sleeping bags and mattresses, backpacks, cookware, tents, and wide selection of other outdoor gear all carry a satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any enquiries about anything on this site, please send an email to:  contactus@olympiccampinggear.com   


Hello everyone...  I just wanted to let you know that I CAN STILL SELL Maxpedition Gear,  but for now
Maxpedition in requiring a MAAP price on ALL GEAR... 

My distributors will No Longer sell Me Maxpedition products unless the web-site has ALL PRODUCTS PRICED AT THE MAAP PRICE MAXPEDITION IS REQUIRING...
In the next few weeks I will be ADDING BACK  ALL THE MAXPEDITION GEAR...With the new "REQUIRED ON THE WEB-SITE PRICES"... so until I finish the task please call--360-865-2705-- or email me if you would like to place an order for any Maxpedition product.

In fact, if you EVER want to order Maxpedition products A CALL OR EMAIL WOULD ALWAYS BE WISE...

I'm Sorry for the inconvenience, and I Hope to talk to you soon,
                                                                                           Sincerely, Sue

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Secure online shopping with PayPal!

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June 2012

June 2012

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we are discontinuing our Merchant Services and are receiving payments through PayPal only. PayPal offers greater security and reduces the risk of fraud, which also benefits both the customer and our company.
We have added a new website: LifegrowthResources.com

We have added a new website: LifegrowthResources.com

Please look at our new website  :-)

Quality Camping Equipment, Great Prices

 Olympic Camping Gear offers you quality equipment designed to give you years of camping enjoyment.  At Olympic Camping Gear, you'll find great prices on all your camping equipment.

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Huge Kingpin Chair, On The Edge-Creative Outdoor Distributor (SKU: OTE-242-02-4528)Huge Kingpin Chair, On The Edge-Creative Outdoor Distributor (SKU: OTE-242-02-4528)This Huge Kingpin chair sells for:  $124.90.   If you're going to the trouble of being outdoors, shouldn't your chair be as big and impressive as the outdoors? Don't mess around — get one of these Kingpin folding chairs. This isn’t a rickety folding chair; it's a massive portable throne that checks in at an impressive 68x10x10 making it big enough to handle pretty much anything you could imagine. It even has 3 built-in cup holders on each arm