Sword, Cheness Tenchi Wakisazhi - 9260, Silicon Alloy Spring Steel Katana
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This is our second spring steel wakizishi, made to match the popular 9260 Tenchi Katana. Material and design made to be a matching set with our latest version of the Tenchi Katana... Sharpened functional cutter. It features a 6.5" tsuka and uses double mekugi.

Name Tenchi Wakizashi - 9260 Fully Functional Wakizashi
Blade Through Hardened 9260 Silicon Alloy Carbon Spring Steel.
Overall Length (+ Saya) 29"
Treatment Hand Heat Forged, Heat Tempered, Oil Quenched
Finish Tameshigiri Polish
Blade 21"
Weight (+Saya) 1.2 lbs
Tsuba/Fuchi/Kashira Antiqued Brass Musashi Double Ring Tsuba with alloy fittings
Balance Point 4.5" from tsuba
Bo-hi (Blood Groove) Available in both versions.
Tsuka/Ho 6.5" Wood
Tsuka Ito Black Cotton
Mekugi Wood X 2
Same Real Ray Skin Panel Wrap
Saya 22" Black Glossy Lacquered Medium Hardwood

New tsuka core, shape, and ito with a tighter ito wrapping than before. New synthetic sageo much more durable and substantial than the old cotton ito.

The Tenchi Wakizashi is available in both the version with bo-hi or version without bo-hi.

The no-fuller version blade has a more forward center of gravity heavier weight. This type of blades have more lateral strength and are easier for tameshigiri from the weight and the reduced drag. Whereas the varient with fuller is better for kata practice, the no-fuller varient is better for cutting practices.)

ONLY THE Tenchi Wakizashi (NO Bo-Hi) ARE IN STOCK. They will usually ship in 5-7 days... Paul works on his own schedule!
PLEASE email us at: contactus@olympiccampinggear.com to make sure ALL are still available!, AND to get a current stock status!

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